Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am in the most awkward, un-assuring time of my life. Literally as I write this I have no clue what the future holds and by that I mean, I literally do not know what my life will look like one week from today. My life is on pause; rather my person is on pause while my life continues around me. I am currently nothing more than a bystander to my own life. Several changes and decisions that will directly impact my life are happening, but I have nothing to do with them.

At the end of this week my current roommate will be moving out and two other guys will be moving in. These guys are only temporary and will be moving out in August so I will be looking for a replacement for them. However, I do not know what next week will look like much less what August will look like.

Try and follow:
Next Monday I will have a meeting with a cast for a reality show that I, may or may not, be a part of to discuss several meetings that will take place on Tuesday. Those meetings will be with executives and producers that, may or may not, want to film the show. Then they will talk with television networks who, may or may not, want to air the show on their channel. If the show gets picked up then I, may or may not, have to move to the other side of Los Angeles. In the mean time I have to sign a contract saying that I will not get any other acting jobs for one year so that I will not back out on this show that, may or may not, become a reality. My head, may or may not, explode.

I cannot apply for jobs, or submit myself for auditions right now because I do not know what is going on. Nor do I know at what point in the future I will know what is going on. We have all seen the big scene in an action movie where someone is speeding down the road in a car only to find that the break line has been cut. Okay, now imagine that same scene but instead of the car going 90mph, its going closer to 10mph. That, is my life.

I'm looking forward to next week's update. I will be in the middle of all the excitement of the interviews and meetings and hopefully will have a much better grasp on what in the world is going on with my life! This is for sure an extremely exciting time for me, but I am beyond anxious! I cannot wait to see what God has in store and where this is all taking me.


The Albritton's said...

oh WES! Praying for you! SO EXCITING! Now, go hang out with Krista! :)

Donna T. said...

There should be a clause in the contract that if the show is made but canceled before the first year is up you are released from the stipulation that prevents you from looking or getting another acting job. (Is it ALL other jobs or just acting jobs???)

This sounds like it's ALMOST "a done deal". I would suppose that the cast of Friends signed something similar just before Friends aired it's very first episode! "Break a leg!"

I'm waiting this week to hear back from TWO potential job offers. And I've been looking since the end of last August, so I understand some (plus others!) of the ambivilent feelings you are having. Mine: I.E.: {What if they BOTH offer me the positions, but the lower paying one comes in first?}

Donna T. said...

Sometimes God's answer to a prayer is NOT "yes" or "no". Sometimes it's just "wait."

So, in the meantime, study, pray, ... and rest. {Psalm 4:8.}

Donna T. said...

Ask them what you are supposed to do to pay bills, eat, pay rent, and buy gas for the car if this project is delayed for months? Will they cover you? Maybe they should give you a monthly stipend? (It's only reasonable!). I guess these kinds of negotiations are what agents and union dues are for! {Get SAG and AFTRA memberships!}

Remember, the waters (Hollywood) are full of sharks out there, looking for fresh meat! EVERYBODY has ulterior motives out there!