Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Times They Are A-Changing

So I finally graduated in December of 2009! Didn't think that would be coming any time soon! I graduated with a Degree in Public Relations (from the #1 Undergrad PR program in the US) and a double minor in Psychology and Photography.

This past term I worked as an intern at my church and also at a gym in town. It has been great not being in school for the first time since 1992. Now that the Spring term is over and the normal graduations have happened, its all starting to sink in. Friends are getting married, moving off, and starting careers (at least attempting). What happened? I just declared my major a year and a half ago and now everything is changing. Now that I am "grown-up," I am now 23 with a degree and its time to start life. What that means, will be the new journey.