Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pallet Map

This was a very easy, fun project to do and it was very inexpensive. The map was actually part of a care package hat someone sent me and meant a lot. So it was awesome that I was able to make this!

Things you'll need.
Hod Podge
Wood - pallet or whatever you'd like
Paint brush
Hammer and nails

First this I did was stain the map. I grabbed tea bags and loose tea and then I let it soak for a couple of hours.


Once it's soaked for a few hours get someone to help you remove the map and unfold. You have to be careful because it will rip in some places, But if it does rip it just adds to the look you're going for. So win. Use the tea bags to rub more tea across areas of the map that did stain as well or that you want darken. This works crazy well and I did several passes of it. 
While the map was soaking I pulled apart a pallet and chose the pieces of wood I wanted to use. After the map dried I started placing the wood on top of the map and started being strategic about what parts of the map were going to be cut off. Obvi I wanted to make sure America made it on a board without being cut in two. Once I figured it out I nailed two wooden supports on the back to keep it all together.
Then it comes time to hod podge the map to the to the wood. I made my own with 2 parts washable glue and 1 part water. There are also recipes that used cooking supplies like flour and olive oil. 
First you apply the hod podge to the wood surface and then to the back of the map. I did it piece by piece from top to bottom. After you adhere the entire map on there then you get to start sanding and tearing up the map. I used a nail to cut the map where the wood slits were. Then I used sandpaper and my hands to cut and wear the map in different places. 

Almost done. Once you wear the map and age it how you like it, Grab your tea bag and rub it over the places of the map that you just sanded - it's probably now white and doesn't match the coloring of the rest of it.                                                                                 After that dries put the final coat of mod podge on the top of the map and on the revealing wood. This really seals it on the wood and makes it look like a genuine wooden map!